Call for Papers


With a rapidly changing global economy, populations with ever shifting demographics, and continued pressure on our natural resources, Australia’s cities, regions and towns face an increasingly uncertain future. This backdrop brings to the fore the importance of how places tell their story to the world – the compelling narrative that attracts the businesses, residents and visitors that make a place flourish and grow. This conference will explore Place Branding and its effects on the economic and social well-being of a community.


Conference objective

To bring together Government leaders and industry practitioners to discuss and develop our understanding and practice of Place Branding. The conference will incorporate numerous case studies that demonstrate actionable learnings in Place Branding and related fields including Urban Planning, Destination Marketing and Town and City Branding.


Call for papers

To be held in June 2019, we invite abstracts on Place Branding case studies for inclusion in the conference program. We welcome any Place Branding related abstracts, but are particularly interested in contributions that address:

  • Urban design and planning – ensuring the experience matches the marketing,
  • Immigrant communities and their influence on a community’s brand and identity,
  • The opportunity presented by the decline of a community’s primary industry,
  • Grounding a Place Branding strategy in data,
  • Neighbouring towns and regions – partner or competitor?
  • Cultural institutions and precincts and their impact upon a city’s brand


Details and guidelines

  • Deadline: 5pm, November 15
  • Word limit: 250-300 words (one page)
  • Suggested structure:
  1. Title
  2. Problem and/or Opportunity
  3. Approach
  4. Progress